Brunetti Designs understands the challenges of getting your idea out to the world.

If you have a new idea for an invention, we can help! But an idea like the 1954 "Rainy Day Cigarette Holder" you may need a dose of reality to understand it's not going to have a favorable response from consumers. Brunetti Designs is not in the business of selling patents or landing SALES at all for that matter. We assist entrepreneurs and businesses a-like and appreciate our customers understanding in the honesty we may provide.
If you are unsure of your inventions or businesses potential we will gladly and honestly make you aware well before further considerations are provoked. If you need more in-depth research on your new idea, however, there are other companies whom can assist such as "Design Ink International", one of our partners.

At Brunetti Designs we understand:

♦ Quality legal representation
♦ Competition analytics and other low level investigative endeavors
♦ Straight Talk
♦ Strong communication between many parties
♦ On-going post-operative relationships
♦ Compensation benefits and future earnings
♦ Outside parties be held accountable for damages if necessary
♦ Sustained professional advice
♦ Honesty
♦ Our customers unconditional imagination

Brunetti Designs understands the challenges of getting your idea out to the world. More over, even getting your idea from an idea into something tangible. Where most of our clients come to us through a professional network of references, we're also happy to welcome all inquiries.

Workaholic: How to find Balance Step back and look at your life. Are you sacrificing other areas of your life because of the time and attention you spend on work? If pursuing a short term financial goal is more important that assuring a long-term relationship with your spouse and children, you need to rethink your priorities. Brunetti Designs will step in and take the pressure off and help you to understand a new invention is actually a long term goal. New ideas take a lot of time in most cases and are not something that should be rushed, or bring you anxiety. Relax and let Brunetti Designs do the dirty work! Balance is truly the key

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