• Trade secrets

    Your economic advantage

    A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, or compilation of information which is not generally known or reasonably ascertainable, by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers. In some jurisdictions, such secrets are referred to as "confidential information" or "classified information".

  • (UNCAC)


    UN Convention Against Corruption

    Bait traps and proprietary detection methods deployed to quickly disolve unwanted attention. Trademarks and patents are protected under federal statutes, the Lanham Act and Patent Act, respectively, but sometimes that is not enough! Don't find out the hard way.

  • actio servi corrupti

    Built for success

    The law of protection of confidential information effectively allows a perpetual monopoly in secret information - it does not expire as would a patent.

    A company can further protect its confidential information through non-compete and non-disclosure contracts.

    With Brunetti Designs you can!

  • Special Contributions

    For your Protection

    We will protect your invention and patents internationally under the rights and process of the United States Government deplomacy contributions via Brunetti Designs affiliated State of Representatives, locally with Brunetti Designs affiliated District Attorneys and other propriatary means used as necessary.

  • Websits & LOGOs

    Designs or Re-designs

    What should a logo cost? Well, BP spent $136 million dollars (yes, $136 million). How much should it cost? Not that much! You just need a professional looking logo to go on your business card, or your website, or possibly a sign in front of your store. Somewhere between $199 to $599 depending on your needs.

  • Better is safe

    Evaluations of potential theft

    Brunetti Designs can help with evaluations of potential theft charges and arrests for stealing inventions or protected ideas provided when necessary by, but not limted to, the U.S. District Court sanctioned by Congress and the Constitution of the United States.

  • Animated JQ / CSS

    Because Adobe and Apple can't get along!

    Flash is usually a lot easier to incorporate to a website, but the new trendy ipads & iphones are not able to run it. So, a lot of code is generated to replace what flash can do.

    ENTER » CSS (HTML) and Java!
    Its however, a little more expensive, though included with some of our web designs!

  • E-commerce

    Lets sell online, but keep it simple!

    Tens of thousands of sales may be lost by not taking full advantage of your invention on-line.
    We like to let our clients manage easy online selling using Intuit's Simple Store. You can have up to 100 products, a shopping cart and all, for only $9.99 a month!

    Contact us with any questions

Payment plans for inventions, Payment plans for SEO (Terms of Service)

If you are unsure of your inventions potential we will gladly and honestly provide our feedback before further considerations are provoked. If you need more in-depth research on your new idea, however, there are other companies whom can assist such as "Design Ink International", one of our partners.

Whatever service you require for your invention or new business model, we firmly belive in and always provide the following:

♣ Quality legal representation
♣ Competition analytics and other low level investigative endeavors
♣ Straight Talk
♣ Strong communication between many parties
♣ On-going post-operative relationships
♣ Compensation benefits and future earnings
♣ Outside parties be held accountable for damages if necessary
♣ Sustained professional advice
♣ Honesty
♣ Our customers unconditional imagination