Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

by Brunetti Designs

  • Be on top

    High page ranking sites

    High page rank sites (PR1, PR2 etc) don't get there overnight. And it takes a lot of things being done right. Other techniques need to be avoided all together, some of which companies are still doing for their customers, because they havn't stayed on top of current trends.

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  • Word stuffing

    That ship has sailed

    Keyword stuffing will not only not work these days for search engines algorithm, but it can likley get you blacklisted all together.
    Hiding text, Fwding your domain to another (or an "HTML redirect") and many more techniques that used to work, can actually stop you from being found at all! This is thanks to good companies like Google, and all their hard work.

  • Be tough

    And stay Positive

    There are still plenty of ways to be seen online. For all the bad and old techniques, there are many good ones Brunetti uses to make sure your customers find you. page titles are very important, a type of on page optimization. Your Landing (or Home) page, also very important. And quality / relevant backlinking is one of the strongest things that can be done.

  • Why SEO?

    To get you PAID!

    Dream of being able to travel, to have nice cars, or maybe put your kids through college?

    okay, we all have different goals, but regardless of your desires in life, SEO can be the difference of your online success; Yes it is that important!

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  • Beat competition

    We know how..

    Business is business. You need to professionally destroy your competition. we want to know who they are! we will monitor and run reports for you on them and much more. Protect your ideas and your economic situation!

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