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invention help

At Brunetti Designs we specialize in protecting our clients from would-be competitors looking to steal a design or product or idea. Brunetti designs has a proven track record of enforcement and successful law suites even to small changes to our clients designs and inventions from competitors trying to make a "similar product". We (Brunetti Designs LLC) protect and/or serve our clients using "our services" which are as follows (as well as the services of our sister companies):

Small Business Loans and aid in start up costs not to exceed $250,000.00, Community out reach, Strategic planning, SEO (search engine Optimization and online marketing), LPO (landing page optimization), Web Design, Web Traffic, PPL (paid advertising), Website Development and Design and Logo Design or 
Enhancement, Legal counsel, Invention analyses, Invention help, patent help both domestic and internationally, confidential information through non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, mutual non-disclosure agreements, marketing, media, international law, proprietary detection, prototype design, invention engineering, trade secrets,  personal or corporate "confidential information" or "classified information" and Government diplomacy, Business plan essentials, Market Plans, Financial Plans, Management Plans, Business Viability, Executive Services and Contingency Plans. "Our services" may also be referred to as other services here-in.

You are required to read carefully and understand the terms and conditions before using 
or obtaining "our services" aforementioned. The term "Brunetti Designs" or "firm" here-in, and
on the  website "www.BrunettiDesigns.com", shall refer to Brunetti Designs the firm,
Brunetti Designs online marketing. The term "User" or "You" shall refer to the person 
browsing the website, the person or persons having applied for our receiving our 
services. The "Site" shall refer to the website www.BrunettiDesigns.com

The firm is a Limited Liability Company based of Nevada and Colorado.
The facts and figures made available on this site are the combined data and information 
of Brunetti Designs, Inuit (Homestead, Homestead.com), Google, 
Yahoo and Microsoft, "we", "our", "ours" or "us" shall refer to the facts and figures of
Brunetti Designs and its partners/ associates combined.

1. The terms and conditions set forth herein may be changed or modified at any time 
without any notice to the user. All care and consideration shall be taken, however, to 
notify afflicted parties when possible. Brunetti Designs shall reserve the rights to terminate the
user's access to the site including analytics (and site statistics and account 
information) tools at any time for any reason. However, the provisions for disclaimer of
warranties, accuracy of data or information, and indemnification shall survive any such 


2. The site is owned, controlled, modified and maintained by Brunetti Designs, and all the 
contents on the site is the exclusive property of the firm including text, images, 
graphics, software, video and audio. The firm may discontinue, alter, modify the site, any
aspect, form, its content or features.


3. The name Brunetti Designs and its logo are the trademarks exclusive property of Brunetti
Designs, and  these trademarks shall NOT be used in any form or manner without prior written
approval of Brunetti Designs.

4. The user agrees that Brunetti Designs makes NO warranty, express or implied, for the accuracy 
of the data, information, statements, products, or whatsoever, made available or linked 
through the site, including but without limitation, those of fitness and merchantability
for any purpose. Further, the site, including all of its contents, data, materials, 
products and services, information etc. made available on the site are on "as is" and 
"as available" basis. The materials, data, or information, or graphics made available on
the site are from sources that are believed to be reliable, however, Brunetti Designs disclaims 
all warranties about the accuracy, adequacy, completeness of any such data, information 
or content.

5. Brunetti Designs shall NOT be responsible for any damage to users computer software, systems, 
or data results from use of our services or downloads, any data, content, features or 
Whatsoever from the site.

6. NO material or content shall be copied, modified, reproduced, republished uploaded, 
linked, transmitted, posted, distributed, in any manner or form, without prior written 
approval form Brunetti Designs. And, all rights NOT expressly granted are reserved. Any 
Unauthorized use of the site or our services or materials made available on the site may
violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or 
civil penalties. Further, the firm may monitor access to the Site (and of our services) by
the users (and users websites, products or services provided by our services) to collect
data or information.


7. Brunetti Designs shall NOT be liable for damages or loss of any kind, including without 
limitation, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, including,
but not limited to, damages for the lost opportunities, loss of profits, interruption to
business, and any loss of data, software, programs arising out of the use of or non-
availability or inability to use the Site or our services, or any data, features, or 
information made available on the Site or of and or from our services, or for any other 
reason whatsoever the case may be.

8. The user hereby agrees and accepts to indemnify, defend and hold the firm and its 
partners harmless from and against all losses, expenses, damages, loss of profits, and 
costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or relating to any misuse by
the user of the site or our services, content and other services made available on our 
Site or yours.

9. Moreover, Brunetti Designs makes NO warranty that: (1) the Site and or our services will be 
available, or on, all the time, in an uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free 
basis; (2) the Site and or our services will meet user's requirements, specific or 
general; (3) the data, information, or the results that may be obtained from the use of 
the Site, and or our services, or any products or other services offered, provided or 
proposed through the Site and or our services will be accurate or reliable, or error-

10. Further, the site, and in some cases our services, provide links to content, data, 
products and services, and advertisements from third parties, or to third-party web 
sites and including users, advertisers, affiliates and sponsors of the Site and our 
services including and not limited to the needs best understood by us for SEO and online
User hereby accepts and agrees that Brunetti Designs is NOT responsible for the availability of, 
accuracy and authenticity of the content provided, on the third party web sites 
including and not limited to blogs. Moreover, the User is advised to peruse the terms 
and conditions posted by the third party web sites (including and not limited to the 
terms of service and or privacy policies of tucows, Intuit, Homestead, facebook, google,
yahoo and go-daddy),regarding privacy and other terms before using the site and our 
services as well as other services provided.
And, Brunetti Designs is NOT responsible for third party content accessible through the Site, your
website or our services, including data, information, opinions, advice, statements and 
advertisements, and user shall bare all risks associated with the use of such data, 
information and contents.
And, User hereby accepts and agree that Brunetti Designs is NOT responsible for any interruption 
to business, loss of opportunities, loss or damage of any sort whatsoever user may incur
from dealing with any third party thereto. SEO, LPO, PPC, Software Application 
Deployment, Web Page Design / Web Page Development, Logo design or logo enhancement, 
Ecommerce Sites, Domains and sub domains, HTML, CSS, Flash, Adobe CS, and any other type
of Search Engine Optimization are our key areas.

11. Authorization. When you engage Brunetti Designs for the specific purpose of developing and/or 
improving a website, you authorize Brunetti Designs to access your hosting account or otherwise 
create a hosting account for you and our services, and authorize your web hosting 
service to provide us with "write permission" for the your web pages, cgi-bin 
directories and any other directories or programs which need to be accessed for our 
services and your website. You also authorize us to publicize the completed web site to 
search engines and other web directories and indexes.

11.1. Web Hosting. You must understand that any web hosting requires a separate contract
with the hosting provider (Brunetti Designs typically uses Intuit (Homestead), Tucows and Go-daddy
where possible to provide best price and customer service). Otherwise you agree to 
select a web hosting service which allows us full access to the website for our services
and a cgi-bin directory via FTP. You further understand that if the web hosting 
service's operating system has limitations in place that will not allow some standard 
software to work, providing a substitute may incur additional charges.

11.2. Maintenance and Updates. Updates to content to your website, done in error (or 
otherwise deemed obsolete), or as needed for our services, are included for three (3) 
months at no additional cost to the user. This includes changes to content (text, HTML, 
CSS, JS, PHP, JQ, Action Script, FLASH, or anything requiring Adobe CS and file 
directories), which must be provided or created in electronic format. It does not 
include changes to the site design or installing additional pages or content (text, 
HTML, CSS, JS, JQ, Action Script, PHP, FLASH, anything requiring Adobe CS and file 
directories). Maintenance after the 3 month period for changes to the site will be 
billed at our normal hourly rate or other best offer provided to the user by Odessa if 

11.3. Content. You or the User is responsible for writing and or providing the content 
for your web site and or our services unless otherwise specified or agreed upon with 
Brunetti Designs. Any pictures or other electronic media provided by the user is the users legal 
responsibility including but not limited to copyright law.

11.4. Software. In an effort to save our clients or the user money, Brunetti Designs usually 
recommends using open source software so the user will not be required to pay licensing 
fees for the use of the program or our services. If you, the user, opt to use a licensed
software program that requires licensing fees, you (or the user/s) are solely 
responsible for the payment of these fees. Software programs have standard functionality
and are customized by Brunetti Designs during the design process to meet users’ needs as best 
possible. Any additional functionality beyond the standard parameters built into the 
software is dependent upon the availability of add-on modules. Modifying your website or
our services provided to you including but not limited to any software program or 
installing additional modules beyond that specified in the design estimate and or of our
service or after the site or our services have completed will be billed at our 
(Brunetti Design's) normal hourly rate or other best offer provided to the user by Odessa if 

11.5 Technical Support. From time to time technical issues may arise where your (the 
users) website or other services of "our services" might not function as designed or 
intended. Brunetti Designs will work hard to correct any technical issues in the functionality of 
your website and or our services as best and quickly as possible.

11.6. Modifications to Your Site. If you, the user, makes any changes to your website or
our service yourself or use a third party to make changes to your website or our 
services, Brunetti Designs will not be responsible. Corrections to your website or our services 
after changes have been made by you, the user, or a third party will be billed at our 
normal hourly rate or other best offer provided to the user by the firm if applicable.

11.7. Completion and on going maintenance. In the quote and or services provided for 
your project, the firm provides an estimate in time that it should take for your project 
and or our services to be completed. This time frame may be longer if you or the user 
fail to provide content (text, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JQ, Action Script, FLASH, or anything
requiring Adobe CS and file directories), or reply to Odessa, in a timely fashion. By 
agreeing to this here-in, you, the user, agrees that any additional work, changes, 
updates or content (text, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JQ, Action Script, FLASH, or anything 
requiring Adobe CS and file directories) beyond or added to the scope of the original 
project or services will also increase the time frame of completion.

12. Payments. An initial deposit ( general 1/3rd, or 50% of the estimated total cost) is
due upon execution to Brunetti Designs by the user of the agreement unless otherwise stated and 
agreed upon. Final payment is due on completion of your website or other services 
provided by the firm per the terms set here-in, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon 
between the user, Brunetti Designs and or any other third party if applicable. The user agrees to 
pay Brunetti Designs on time with each payment due for website or other services provided.

12.1.Payment of Fees. Fees are due and payable as detailed in the project estimate or 
other services. Payments can be made online in most cases. In the event the client or 
user have not secured web space on a web hosting service by the time the web pages are 
completed, the web pages or other services may be delivered to the client on CD or 
attached to an e-mail message by Brunetti Designs. If the website or other services are not 
completed within the time frame specified because you have failed to provide content or 
other, as required, final payment will be due at the expiration of the time frame 
provided. Advertising the pages to web search engines occurs only after the final 
payment is made unless payment arrangements have been sent and agreed upon between the 
user and Brunetti Designs. All payments will be made in US funds by approved electronic 
transaction unless otherwise agreed upon.

12.2. Late Payment Penalties. In order for the firm to remain in business, payments for 
services beyond the initial design fees or other services must be made promptly and are 
due within 10 days of the date of invoice or as otherwise agreed upon or stated above 
between the user and Brunetti Designs. Delinquent bills can be assessed a $25 charge if payment is
not received within 10 days of the invoice date for website or other services including 
reoccurring monthly services. If an amount remains delinquent 30 days after its due 
date, Brunetti Designs reserves the right to remove web pages, websites entirely or other 
services provided until final payment is made. In case collection proves necessary, you 
agree to pay all fees incurred by that process.

12.3. Hourly Rates. Brunetti Design's normal hourly rate is $45.00 per hour. There is a fifteen 
(15) minute minimum for any updates or modifications to your site or our services that 
are not included in the 3 month maintenance period or for any telephone consultation 
specified above. A minimum charge may be provided to you of 25.00 or other best offer 
provided to the user by the firm. Brunetti Designs does not charge interest to its clients (or the 
user) on any payment plans or payment arrangements made so long the user pays on time or
in a timely manner as stated above (12.2.).

13. Assignment of Project. While we prefer and try to perform all work in-house, Brunetti Designs 
does reserve the right to assign subcontractors to the users projects or other services 
to ensure proper function and on-time or on-going completion or functionality.

14. Laws Affecting Electronic Commerce. From time to time governments enact laws and 
levy taxes and tariffs affecting Internet electronic commerce. You agree that you are 
solely responsible for complying with such laws, taxes, and tariffs, and will hold 
harmless, protect, and defend us and our subcontractors from any claim, suit, penalty, 
tax, or tariff arising from the your exercise of Internet electronic commerce.

15. Brunetti Designs will not design or maintain any site that: promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, 
violence or discrimination; discriminates against any person or class of persons; 
victimizes any person or entity by any means of harassment; violates any federal, state 
or local laws or promotes the violation of any law and hold firm that our clients, and 
you the user, agree to abide by the same policy.

Brunetti Designs not responsible for any non-compliance

I have read and agree to the terms of service above